Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 2:46 AM

Turkey is one of the most ideal destinations for those who love to enjoy various beautiful landscapes and explore the one-of-a-kind culture. Fortunately, the Turkish government has been offering the Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar for the purpose of tourism and business trips. If you are interested in this nation but do not know how to apply? This article will be your lifesaver because all your questions will be answered.

[caption id="attachment_3028" align="aligncenter" width="787"]Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar| Pamukkale in Turkey Pamukkale is an outstanding tourist attraction in Turkey that many foreign tourists desire for setting foot in this place.[/caption]


Do citizens of Madagascar need a visa for tourism or business in Turkey?

Yes, you do. If you want to experience natural landscapes and culture here, you have to hold a visa. 

What items are necessary for my Turkey e-Visa application?

If you want to apply successfully for this process, you should be well-prepared for these documents:  

  • A passport: A passport is a must-have item if you want to start your journey to Turkey with an e-Visa. Please, it is still valid during your stay. 
  • An email address: Once you provide your correct email address, you will receive the latest notification as well as your e-Visa progress on a frequent basis. 
  • A means of payment: In order to pay your e-Visa fee, you will need to purchase by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Please note that you are not allowed to pay by cash for this service. 

What is the process of making a Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar? 

In order to obtain Turkey e-Visa, you have to go through the basic three steps as follows: 


  • First and foremost, you have to provide your full name, e-mail address, and phone number via the enclosed form below. Remember that if the information includes many numbers, you should re-check your answers to avoid unexpected mistakes and lateness. 

Make payment

  • You can pick one of the three options for paying your e-Visa with debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal accounts. Other means of payment (such as cash) are not acceptable. 


  • The applicants will be kept updated via email. Hence, bear in mind that you should log in to your email regularly so that you do not miss any important announcements. 
  • The applicant should download and print e-Visa out to present it at the Immigration Checkpoint before embarking on their journey to Turkey. 

[caption id="attachment_3030" align="aligncenter" width="787"]Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar passport With only a few steps, the Citizens of Madagascar are almost to apply successfully for entering Turkey.[/caption]

How long does it take to get a Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar? 

Depending on how urgent you are, the applicants will be free to choose the appropriate one as listed below: 

  • Normal Processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency Processing: 12 business hours
  • Rush Processing: 4 business hours

How much do I have to spend for a Turkey e-Visa?

You have to pay for two kinds of costs including one for the government and the other for service. Nevertheless, citizens of Madagascar do not have to pay the fee for the former. Instead, they must pay for the types of service listed below. 

  • Normal Processing: $59
  • Emergency Processing: $79
  • Rush Processing: $89

How many days can the citizens of Madagascar stay in Turkey for their trip?

Citizens of Madagascar can stay in Turkey for a maximum amount of 3 months with their e-Visa. You can set out on your journey at any point of 90 days since your e-Visa is issued. 

Who should I contact to find more information about the Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar?

If you have any questions concerning the Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Madagascar, do not hesitate to let us know on our website by leaving a message in the chat box section. We are always willing to welcome and assist in any way we can. 

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